Three-phase asynchronous motors with planetary gearbox and an IP68 protection rating.

"BTSQR" series three-phase submersible electric motors with planetary gearbox are built with an IP68 protection rating and are designed to work entirely submerged in water, up to a depth of 30 meters (3 bar). They have F class winding with B class over temperature, standard V.230Δ/400Y or V.400Δ/690Y voltage and frequency of 50 Hz.

Standard production includes geared motors with power ranging from 4 kW to 22 kW, 4 poles and made entirely of cast iron. A mechanical seal is assembled onto the shaft of the gear drive to prevent water from seeping into the internal part of the motor. The shaft is made from non-stainless hardened steel.

The geared motors are designed to work at S1 duty, submerged in liquid with a maximum temperature of 40°C and a moderately acidic or basic pH level. They have been designed with star-delta starting. The supply cables are jacketed in H07RNF neoprene rubber. The geared motors are sized according to the power to be applied and the gear ratio. This kind of submersible geared motors is used in mixers and submersible agitators. Their particularly tapered form notably reduces resistance to the passage of agitated liquid.

This series of motors, with polarity 4 pole and powers between kW 11 and kW 30, can be produced upon request with IE3 high efficiency.