Our operational capability with the flexibility and the organization allows us to provide a complete maintenance service of electric motors.
We also provide a service processing account through the use of CNC machines.

We are equipped to perform the following machining:

  • Remake of special shafts remarking
  • Repair pumps repair
  • Shaft remaking as the original up to size 355
  • Rewinding
  • Shaft balancing
  • Repair and reconstruction bearing seats
  • Reconstruction of carpentry in iron or cast iron motor Flanges and shields reconstruction in cast iron or in steel structural work
  • Routine maintenance (bearings, seals, etc ...)
  • Execution of work on control N/C machining of special parts

Our technical department, given the experience gained over time, is able to support the development of new projects or consultancy relating to all problems of design and/or mechanical.