Three-phase asynchronous motors with insulation class H.

The BTMHT series electric motors are designed to work in high-temperature environments (ovens, dryers, exhaust fans). The motors have H class winding and can operate at temperatures of up to 100°C, with a power range between 0.55 and 15 kW, 4 poles and standard V 400 Hz 50 voltage.

All metal parts are built to be suitable to high temperatures, with the casing in aluminum or cast iron and all the electrical components sized and built using specific materials that are resistant to high temperatures, specially greased bearings for high temperatures, a metal fan and a metal fan cover. Special versions can be considered upon request by the customer, for example, lubricators on the shields, stainless steel shafts or special shafts. This kind of motor is used in fans inside ovens, in exhaust fans and in dryers for brickworks.