We have been producing three-phase electric motors since 1944, specializing in the manufacturing of submersible motors designed to work immersed in liquids, submersible gear motors, three-phase asynchronous submersible generators, special motors designed according to customer's specification and TEFC three-phase electric motors.

On the strength of many years' experience in the sector, we are able to develop increasingly innovative solutions in terms of mechanics and materials.

SICEI's long-lasting success, in the domestic as well as foreign markets, relies on its ongoing capacity for innovation supported by constant research and highly specialized staff.

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Our products

Submerged motors

We manufacture a wide range of submersible motors designed to operate totally submerged in liquids up to a depth of 30 metres. We supply two different types of submersible motors: the first has mechanical shaft seals and watertight motor, the second has no mechanical seals and is designed to be combined directly with the operating machine. Our motors can work intermittently, including when they are not at all or only partially submerged.

The categories of submersible motors in our catalogue include:
BTSP and BTSQ series three-phase submersible electric motors with IP68 protection rating, characterized by great versatility of use. SICEI's three-phase submerged motors can also be used as submersible agitators and for underwater agitation in general, and are suitable for water purification systems.
BTS submersible motors with IP68 protection rating, designed to work totally immersed in water, BTSC submersible motors with IP67 protection rating that can work both out of water with intermittent operation and submerged up to a maximum depth of 1 meter, used on board ships to operate anti-flooding doors.

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S SERIES three-phase asynchronous motors

We supply three-phase asynchronous motors whose main feature is their high build quality.

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Special motors

We produce special motors of various types, including customized ones. The BTMHT series has been designed to work in high temperature environments such as ovens, dryers, smoke extractors. These special motors can be placed in fans inside ovens, smoke extractor or brick dryers.
The BTMAM series, whose shaft is manufactured to customer specifications both in terms of scale and materials, is a special type of motor used in pumps, liquid agitators and oven fans.

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BTSQR series three-phase submersible electric motor

The BTSQR submersible electric gear motor is the result of a combination of the BTSQ series motor with planetary gearboxes. It is widely used in submerged mixers and agitators, since it is designed to work completely immersed in water up to a depth of 30 meters.
Thanks to SICEI's vast experience, our specialized staff will support you in the development of any project that includes submersible electric motors with gearboxes, providing accurate design and/or mechanical consultancy.

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